Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates
  • Hussien Hegab (May 2018 - Dec. 2018)
  • Amirmohammed Ghandehariun (May 2015 - Dec. 2015)
  • Sayyed Ali Hosseini (June 2013 - July 2014)
  • Fevzi Bedir (May 2013 - Oct. 2013)
  • Yousef Nazzal (May 2012 - Aug. 2013)
  • Faraz Akbar (July 2011 - Feb. 2012)
  • Suresh Kumar Reddy (May 2012 - Aug. 2013)
  • Walid Mohamed  (Jan. 2012 - Apr. 2012)
  • Hussien Hegab (2018)

Thesis Title: Towards Sustainable Machining of Difficult-to-Cut Materials using Nano-Cutting Fluids

Present Occupation: Visiting Research Associate at Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Center/National Research Council of Canada

  • Amir Mohammed Ghandehariun (2015)

Thesis Title: Mechanics of Machining Metal Matrix Composites: Analytical Modeling and Finite Element Simulation

Present Occupation: Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran

  • David Yan (2014, Joint with Deakin University, Australia)

Thesis Title: Machinability and Material Behaviour during Cutting of Titanium Alloy 553

Present Occupation: Assistant Professor, Department of Aviation and Technology, San José State University, San José, USA

  • Sayyed Ali Hosseini (2013)

Thesis Title: Model Based Simulation of Broaching Operation: Cutting Mechanics, Surface Integrity and Process Optimization

Present Occupation: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical, Automotive, and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Canada

  • Lei Pang (2012)

Thesis Title: Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Cutting Process for Engineering Alloys

Present Occupation:

  • Satish Kannan (2006)

Thesis Title: Machining of Metal Matrix Composites: Forces, Tool Wear and Attainable Surface Quality

Present Occupation: Assistant Professor, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

  • Grant Parker (2011)

Thesis Title: Self-Propelled Rotary Tool for Turning Difficult to Cut Materials

  • Snahungshu Sikder (2010)

Thesis Title: Analytical Model for Force Prediction When Machining Metal Matrix Composites

  • Lei Pang  (2008)

Thesis Title: Oxley Based Force Model for End Milling

  • Abdultatah Maftah  (2008, Co-Supervised)

Thesis Title: Finite Element Simulation of Orthogonal Metal Cutting Using an ALE Approach

  • Trevor Desroches  (2007)

Thesis Title: Machining Titanium with a Tapered Ball-End Mill

  • Thakare Swapnil  (2007)

Thesis Title: Machining of Titanium Alloys with Self-Propelled Tools

  • Sagar Kaware (2006)

Thesis Title: A Study of The Drilling Process of Aluminum alloys

  •  Mahendran Mani (2006, Co-Supervised)

Thesis Title: An Investigation of Control Strategies on A Machine Tool

  • Leiming Li (2005)

Thesis Title: A Force Model for Turning with Self-Propelled Rotary Tools

  • Khaled Ibrahim (2005)

Thesis Title: Characteristics of Cutting Forces in End Milling

  • Andrew Haglund (2005, Co-Supervised)

Thesis Title: On Friction Modeling in Orthogonal Machining: An Arbitrary Langrangian-Eulerian Finite Element Model

  • Yaopeng Zhu (2004)

Thesis Title: On Machining Metal Matrix Composite: A Finite Element Model

  • Yuxiang Zhang (2003)

Thesis Title: An Assessment of Self-Propelled Rotary Tools During Machining Hardened Steel

  • Nihad Balihodzic (2002)

Thesis Title: Numerical Investigation of Orthogonal Machining

  • Robert Medaglia, Anthony Caruso, Jason Travis McLeod, Ben Deboer, Brooke-Lynn Ghesquiere-East, Matthew Trudel, Alexander Safta (2019/2020)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of an Automated Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • Kurt Doose, Rebeca Fuenmayor, Christopher Chu, Tyler Manning, Cole Greenwood, Zackery Molnar, Mathew Tondat, Anton Cooke (2019/2020)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of a 4-Axis Open Architecture CNC Milling Machine

  • Ahmad Sherzad, Robert Glen, Stephanie Hill, Katherine Pyra, Andrew Kerr, Matthew Derlis, Sterling Hattin (2018/2019)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of a 3-Axis Open Architecture CNC Engraving Machine

First Place Winner of the 2018/2019 Capstone Competition in the Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing

  • Adnan Shah, David Castellano, Eric Chan, Jonathan Tom, Navish Kaul, Viren Gill (2017/2018)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of a X-Y Table for Demonstration Use 

  • Jesika Shah, Tim Clarke, Brody Snider, Scott Kozutsky, Maciej Lacki (2017/2018)

Capstone Project Title: Design and Development of a Large-Scale Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printer 

  • Joshua Dacosta, Luc Delaplante, Connor Hopkins, Chrystian Moe, David Monize, Hong Phan (2017/2018)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of a Biomechanical Test Bed for Shoulder Proprioception Study 

  • Ahmad Alnabulsi, Tushar Gaur, Zonara Choudhry, Giuseppe Petralito, Sunardi Putra, Yasmeen Marhaba (2017/2018)

Capstone Project Title: Design & Development of a Biomechanical Test Bed for Human Movement Study